What are digital products?

What are eBooks and Digital Products?

The “digital products” available through the TecKnoQuest eStores are electronic or digital versions (eBooks in PDF format, audio files in MP3 format, and other downloadable software) of published educational materials. eBooks are electronic or digital versions of books that can be viewed on a computer screen by anyone on any computer that is equipped with the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader software. However, eBooks contain the same content and format as physical books.

What is downloading?

Downloading is obtaining a file from the Internet and duplicating it onto your home computer. Some of the most popular kinds of downloads are software, eBooks, and music. Rather than going to a store and purchasing a book or CD, you can purchase and download these items and listen to, read, or print them off of your computer, as well as a range of other devices.

What are PDF files?

Portable Document Format (PDF) are files that have been created in another application and then translated into PDF files using the .pdf extension so they can be viewed by anyone regardless of computer platform or operating system. To view the eBooks (PDF files) you will need a current version of the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available from the Adobe site.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader?

The Acrobat Reader, a free software program developed by Adobe Systems, Inc., is used to view files in PDF format. The software displays documents with the same layout and design as the original.

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What are MP3 files?

A compressed audio format that is downloaded through the Internet and for use with memory-based audio players. Files may be stored and listened to on a computer, an MP3 player, or recorded on CD-R media. To listen to the audio files you will require one of numerous free audio players available through the Internet at any one of several website locations such as Apple’s iTunes, Real Player, or Windows Media Player.

What is downloadable software?

This refers to digital software which can be downloaded to a computer and then used by the purchaser for its intended purpose.

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