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TeachersKorner was started in 2013 by two M.Ed. Mathematic educators who over the past 28 years have been highly successful in the classroom. With the introduction of CCSS and the supplied work materials, it was recognized that there was a need for better CCSS Math resources. Hearing the call of fellow math teachers for better and more effective CCSS resources, TeachersKorner was started. TeachersKorner today is fast becoming the go to resource for teachers wanting their students to succeed. TeachersKorner’s products are constantly praised for taking these difficult Math Common Core State Standards and breaking them down into Fun and Engaging visual lessons by ‘Showing the Instruction in Action.’ Teachers love the fact they can now reinforce their instruction letting students see and visualize how to approach, conceptualize, and conclude correct answers while using technology. Hands down, teachers tell us these digital PPT’s are among some of the best Math CCSS resources available.