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MLG publishes a range of learning materials written by teachers for teachers which you will find nowhere else. MLG resources are highly visual and tactile, sometimes slightly quirky, and ideally suited to active and lively multi-sensory approaches. They believe that learners learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning; when they are having fun; when they can forget they are learning.

Learners of all ages often have a fear of speaking out in front of others, and of being wrong – with these engaging, nonthreatening resources they will lose their inhibitions. Their appealing and amusing cartoon-style pictures prompts – indeed, our whole approach – lend themselves to game-like activities that offer opportunities for repeated practice, keeping learners active, giving them a sense of progress and success and have proven worth also in improving their exam performance! Use as a central activity of the lesson – for presentation, practice, assessment, diagnosis and revision (and yes – a brilliant time filler or end of lesson treat!). For individual, pair, small group and whole class activities.