Welcome AKJ to our publisher family

We here at TecKnoQuest, LLC  are excited to welcome AKJ Education to our family of publishers.

dedicatedteachers150x150For over 40 years, AKJ Education has been a leading provider of tradebooks and classroom library collections, offering the best in service and pricing.  Now, we have added new, supplemental products and services for social studies and language arts classrooms.  We are the exclusive provider of the social studies digital learning platforms, CICERO Kids and CICERO: History Beyond the Textbook, as well as social studies collections with CICERO Resource Packs and Common Core text sets.  We continue to grow to provide teachers, schools, and districts with high quality education materials.

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New titles such as:

Cicero Resource Pack Civil War Grades 4-5

Cicero Resource Pack Civil War Grades 6-8

Cicero Resource Pack Revolutionary War Grades 4-5

Cicero Resource Pack World War II Grades 4-5

Cicero Resource Pack World War II Grades 6-8

Cicero Resource Packs include two lesson plans and two classroom ready Power Point presentations. Lesson plans provide objectives, key terms, lesson details with homework, assessments, and extension activities. All lesson materials, reproducibles, and primary sources are included as well as historical background information. Classroom ready Power Point presentations help students gain a better understanding about events of the time period and can be used for teaching large group instruction or student review and research. Organized, easy-to-use and classroom ready.

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