Top Trending Products November 2016


These are the Trending titles for November 2016

1. Daily Math (U.S. Edition), series (Grades 1-6)

by Chalkboard Publishing

Aligned to Common Core State Standards! “Daily Math Practice” from Chalkboard Publishing is a terrific addition to your classroom. Each eBook contains a wide variety of reproducible activities for each day of the week. Each daily set of activities focuses on a specific math strand, including measurement, data management, algebra, number sense, geometry, number and operations in base ten, operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in fractions, and measurement and data. Also includes an answer key for teachers. Available for immediate download.
Our price: $15.19

2. Daily Math (Canadian Edition), series (Grades 1-8)

bchk2005Chalkboard Publishing

Chalkboard Publishing “Daily Math” series is a great asset to any Canadian classroom! Develop and strengthen crucial math skills with consistent daily practice. This eBook contains reproducible math activities – each week day is dedicated to a specific math strand, such as measurement, geometry, number sense, patterning and algebra or data management. The “Daily Math” series is perfect for use with a small or whole group, and is also an ideal supplement when you are working individually with students.
Our price: $14.24

3. Study Guides: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

lgls3802We have two study guides for this novel that tied for third position. John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a heart-wrenching and bittersweet account of the Holocaust, told from a young boy’s perspective, whose profound innocence distinguishes the novel’s narration.  Be sure to check out these top quality study guides for this classic novel.

by Novel Units   Our price: $9.49

by Learning Links/Novel-Ties 
Standard Edition: $16.10
Enhanced Edition: $20

4. Reading (Daily Warm-Ups series), (Grades 1-8)

tcr3488by Teacher Created Resources

Each book in the Daily Warm-Ups: Reading series provides students with over 150 opportunities to master important reading skills. The warm ups include both fiction and nonfiction reading passages, followed by questions that are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy to allow for higher-level thinking skills.
Standard Edition: $18.04
Enhanced Edition: $22.79

5. Mathematics: Drill and Practice, series (Gr 1-6)

hspa281rby Hayes School Publishing

Skill and problem solving activities with equal emphasis on skill and concept development. Ideal supplement for any current text. Number sequences, addition, subtraction, problem solving, rounding, place value, money, units of measurement, multiplying, dividing, shapes and more.
Our price: $5.65

6. Reading: Daily Comprehension, series (Grades 1-8)

emc3451iby Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Daily instruction on the language and reading skills your students need to improve reading comprehension and raise test scores!
Engage your students in reading, thinking about, and responding to a variety of passages and texts! Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 1 presents your students with practice on the reading skills they need to become strong and successful readers.
Our price: $28.49

7. Student Workbook/Study Guide: Chains (Grades 5-7)

bmig1008by BMI Educational Services

Containing numerous literary activities such as worksheets and vocabulary games, this Student Workbook/Study Guide is integral to benefiting students with the skills they need to prepare for state standardized tests. Lesson plans can easily be organized from an array of reproducible exercises shaped to enhance critical thinking skills and analytical competency.
Standard Price: $16.10
Enhanced Price: $20.85

8. Graphic Novel: Revolutionary Rumblings (Grades 3-6)

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Why did guys in powdered wigs argue over a breakfast beverage?!?! Chester the Crab shows the road to the American Revolution — how money arguments became political arguments and then became shooting arguments. The colonial conflict begins in the French and Indian War, then moves to the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party and finally follows Paul Revere towards the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Your reluctant reader will love this funny, colorful graphic novel!
Our price: $7.55

9. Classbuilding (All Grades)

kapopbkcby Kagan Publishing

Create a caring, cooperative class through energizing class building activities! This best-seller includes step-by-step instructions, hints, variations, 100?s of activities, and ready-to-use black line masters for each of 11 favorite cooperative, class building structures like: Mix-N-Match, Stir-the-Class, and Who Am I. This is a must for the block schedule. Students are quickly and immediately energized? Be ready to tackle any curriculum. If you want to promote a positive class atmosphere with fun and easy activities, this is the source!
Our Price: $27.55

10. Teambuilding (All Grades)

by Carson-Dellosa Publishing

When students have the desire and ability to work together as a team, something magical happens? Together Everyone Achieves More! Students like working together, academic achievement goes up, and discipline problems become a thing of the past. Includes step-by-step instructions, hints, variations, over 100 teambuilding activities, and ready-to-use blackline masters for each of 14 favorite teambuilding structures like: Find-the-Fib, Team Interview, and Same-Different. Promote a positive class and team atmosphere in your classroom and watch as your students work together in harmony.

Our price:$27.55