Resellers (Retailers)

At TecKnoQuest we recognize that the demand for digital educational materials online is growing at a rapid rate. Becoming a digital product reseller is a value added service for your customers because digital products take up no shelf space, can be purchased at any time 24 hours a day, and are never out of stock. In order to help Resellers capitalize on this growing market, TecKnoQuest has developed various versatile solutions for Resellers to add an additional revenue channel to their existing business.

The TecKnoQuest Infographic

Our Infographic walks resellers through the financial benefits of selling eBooks, explains how teachers and parents are using them, and illustrates the advantages of using TecKnoQuest’s entry-level solution ( Also included is information on how to get started!
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eBooks for Schools Resellers Program

This is for schools and educational organizations only – for more information please click here

Digital E-Commerce eStore

TecKnoQuest offers two ways for Educational Resellers to sell digital products online through their own fully-automated, branded eStore at a minimal cost. Educational Resellers can utilize these options to sell digital versions of supplemental educational products online through a hassle free, fully automated e-commerce eStore that we operate for you.
Further information about the Digital E-Commerce eStore

TecKnoQuest Digital Warehouse

TecKnoQuest offers Educational Resellers that want to add digital products to their existing e-commerce website this opportunity through the TecKnoQuest Digital Warehouse. Educational Resellers configure their e-commerce system to connect to our warehouse, thus enabling them to sell thousands of digital products without customers leaving their website.
Further information about the TecKnoQuest Digital Warehouse

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