Sales & Promotions Opportunities

Promote the sales of your products by offering periodic product discounts (sale).

TecKnoQuest Digital Warehouse offers the ability for publishers to run product discounts for a predetermined period of time.  We call this our ‘Publisher Sponsored Sale’ program.

How this got started:  In 2014, TecKnoQuest, LLC was given the opportunity to participate in a sale that one of our top selling publishers was running on their own site. The publisher had offered a deep discount of all their products for one week.  Though we are aware that many of our publishers have run similar sales on their own sites, this was the first opportunity we had been given to offer such a discount through our system.

We are excited to report that this sale was a huge success, receiving an astounding response from customers.  Sales for this publisher during this one week produced sales higher than the preceding months combined.  We were pleased and the publisher was also very pleased.

Benefits of Publisher Sponsored sales:

  • Publisher sets the amount of discount pricing*
  • Publisher receives standard percentage of sale price**
  • Choose all or a selection of products
  • Option to join a currently running sale†
  • Option to select an exclusive sale date† (only your products on sale)
  • Draws customers attention to your products
  • Discount pricing will be available to all resellers connected the TKQ system**

*One of the best elements that we offer in this proposal to you as a publisher, is that we give you the ability to set the discount pricing that you feel would be the most beneficial and effective.

**This discount pricing is set at the warehouse level and therefore the publisher will receive the standard agreed percentage of the sale price (as they normally would from the retail price), also making this sale available to all resellers connected to our system.

Increasing sales is always a goal for us as we know it’s a goal for you as publishers.  We also know there are unique opportunities through the calendar year.  If this would be of interest to you or if you have questions , we would love to discuss this in more details.

†There are two opportunities that you can take advantage of in our Publisher Sponsored Sale Program.

  • Participate in a TecKnoQuest schedule sale.  (Example: Teacher’s Appreciation Week in May or Black Friday/Cyber Monday in November.)
  • Request a Publisher Exclusive Sale
    • Select the date range for your sale
    • You can include other publishers or request that it be exclusively your products
    • Participate in the promotion of this sale
  • For smaller publishers, we offer the opportunity to join other small publishers so as to make the “sale offering” even more enticing to customers.  Contact us for more information
  • With both of these sales opportunities, you as the publisher has full control over the elements of the sale of your products.

Still have questions? We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.