Publisher Agreement

All of our publishers are asked to sign a standard distribution agreement with TecKnoQuest. The essence of the agreement is as follows:

  • Publisher grants to Distributor (TecKnoQuest) non-exclusive rights to sell Publisher provided materials in an electronic format. Publisher reserves the right to offer other distributors similar rights granted to Distributor.
  • Distributor will pay Publisher a fee of 45% of the full retail price for each copy of each product sold electronically. Payment of these fees are due quarterly. Distributor agrees to provide Publisher 24/7 online access to a variety of sales reports.
  • Publisher reserves the right to audit Distributor records to substantiate reported fees. Such examination shall be at the cost of the Publisher unless errors exceeding five percent (5%) of such sales and receipts to the Publisher’s disadvantage shall be found, in which case the cost shall be paid by the Distributor.
  • Publisher agrees to make available to Distributor PDF, ePub, mp3 etc files for sale electronically through Distributor’s electronic store.
  • Distributor will be responsible for providing support to all customers who purchase Publisher titles in an electronic format through Distributor’s electronic stores. Publisher agrees to provide support on content (as opposed to technical) questions about Publisher titles.
  • Publisher agrees to make available to Distributor portions of Publisher’s electronic catalog/database for Distributor to utilize in Distributor’s marketing efforts. Distributor agrees to refrain from using such information for any other purpose than to promote sales of Publisher’s product through Distributor. Publisher reserves the right to review any use of such information by Distributor, and to withdraw rights to utilize such information if Publisher feels Distributor is utilizing or presenting information in an inappropriate manner detrimental to Publisher.
  • Distributor acknowledges that Publisher is concerned about protecting the copyrights of titles being offered for sale electronically by Distributor. Distributor agrees to keep Publisher informed of security systems it adopts to protect the unlawful or free dissemination of electronic materials based on copyrighted materials owned by Publisher. Further, Distributor agrees to keep Publisher informed of systems it adopts to ensure that Publisher is accurately compensated for all copies sold electronically by Distributor. Publisher reserves the right to request Distributor immediately cease all sales of Publisher titles if Publisher feels any such systems are inadequate. Further, if Distributor is unable to remedy any system inadequacies identified by Publisher, Publisher reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at once, without the thirty day written notice as outlined in this next point of this Agreement.

The points listed above are provided for informational purposes only. The exact contents of the distribution agreement will be finalized by the publisher and TecKnoQuest prior to the execution of the agreement.

For further information please contact us at:

Phone: (970) 835-4460
Toll Free: 1-866-933-1786

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