Offer a Free eBook title

As former resellers in the TecKnoQuest reseller program, we’ve been doing research, looking into what elements are drawing customers to eStores on the internet and then even more so what encourages them to buy.  This research revealed that more and more educators are combing the internet for free products.  This same research also revealed the educators were more prone to purchase products when they’ve been given the chance to try materials in their classroom at no financial risk to them.  So we asked ourselves: What can we do to get the attention of these educators and introduce them to the high quality products being produced by the publishers in our warehouse?

The answer, offer a selection of free products.  So over this past year, we’ve been working on a new feature for our main eStore ( which presents the option of providing free products. We believe this option will encourage visits to our eStore and provide more exposure to your products.

So what can you do? You can create a new title for your Free eBook offering or you can use one of your existing titles in your product line.  The free product can even be a “splice” of another ebook, which would allow customers to try your product. *However, we do encourage that the splice be a complete section of one of your titles, which would give the educator a solid experience while leaving them wanting more.

Each free eBook will contain a link at the end of the book which will link back to your publisher page on  It will also give a coupon code for a discount on their next purchase in the eStore.

If you would like to offer one or more of your products for free that contain links back to your other products, we would love to work with you to set this up. We feel this would provide a way for customers to experience your great products in a risk free environment.

See a sample of free products now provided in our eStore

If you have questions regarding our free eBook offerings, please contact us.