Help us promote you!

Advertise on our multiple newsletters

We would love to promote you, as much as we can, to our customers, our resellers and then to their customers but we need your help to do so.

Idea #1 – have you been featured in a magazine, online news organization or a teacher’s blog? Share it with us and we can use it on our blog and newsletters to customers!

Idea #2 – Write or share a blog post(s) that would be of interest to our customers. Tell them how they can use your products in their classrooms.  Give testimonies from your happy customers.  Spotlight people in your organization that work hard on the development of products.

Idea #3 – Send us promotional materials that you might have on your products. We will feature that information to both customers and resellers. Via our newsletters, blogs and social media outlets.

Idea #4 – Purchase an ad in our customer newsletter/blog.
•Promote whatever you wish with your ads.
•You can promote your products within our eStores or
•You can promote your own websites and physical products.
•Create your own ad *ads subject to approval.
Ad dimensions 250 x 250 or 500 x 500
•We can create the ad for you. (fee applied)

Contact us for information on details and current pricing.


Contact us at for more details and current pricing. (*pricing subject to change)