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Avertise on our multiple newsletters and blogs. Share magazine articles or online newsletters, write a post for our blogs, share posts from your blogs or buy an ad spot on our newsletters & blogs. Find out more information about helping us promote you here.

Help Retailers Sell Your Digital Products
Local dealers are a fantastic resource for any company. They offer their loyal customers a great experience, either through their brick and mortar stores or through online sales. So why not encourage them to add your digital products to their catalog? With TecKnoQuest’s solutions, any business can start profiting from the sale of your digital products. Find out more information about helping retailers here.

Promote your products by offering periodic sales
You have the power to offer sale/discounted pricing of all or a selected number of your products through our system for a limited amount of time, with our Publisher Exclusive Sale program. This discount pricing is set at the warehouse level and therefore is made available to all resellers connected to our system.  Find our more information about running sales through our system here.

Sell Slices of Your Digital Products
We have noticed a sizable increase in the sales of “parts/portions” of eBooks – teachers are obviously looking to buy these “chunks” which are smaller and less expensive. We also know that many teachers (and parents) are much faster to spend $20 on five $4 items that they might be to spend $20 on one item. We encourage all of our publishing partners to take advantage of this growing opportunity to sell “slices” of their products to further monetize their digital content. Find out more information about selling slices here.

Add eBook Sales to Your Own Site
Many publishers have benefited by selling eBooks from their main website. Are you currently offering your customers every option possible for purchasing your products? With TecKnoQuest’s reseller options, you can even benefit from selling products from other publishers in addition to your current collection! Take a look at our list of turn-key solutions and see examples of what other publishers are doing here.

Sell Enhanced (Unlocked) eBooks
All of our regular eBooks are locked PDF files, preventing tampering and prohibiting copying and pasting. However, many customers really like copying and pasting the content of their digital goods – and are willing to pay a premium for the option! Find more information about selling Enhanced eBooks here.

Send TecKnoQuest Your Newest Products
Publishers who release new materials on a regular basis consistently occupy the top spots in our most popular publishers list prominently displayed on the front page of all of our eStores. Find out more about the benefits of adding new books here.

Market Your Participation in the TecKnoQuest Digital Warehouse
As publishers look to expand their markets for their products in an electronic format, TecKnoQuest is pleased to offer a solution that builds on our solid reputation. This solution offers publishers the confidence and security to pursue new distribution relationships with retailers worldwide secure in the knowledge that the publisher will retain complete control over the availability of the electronic files. Find out more about the benefits of our digital warehouse here.

Enable Google Preview for Your Products
Google Preview is a component of Google Books that allows a customer to “look inside” a book online prior to purchase. Publishers who have their content registered and indexed in Google Books have full control of which pages a customer can view in Google Preview; publishers also control how much of the book can be viewed. Books viewed in Google Preview can not be printed or downloaded. Find out more about the benefits of Google Preview here.

Offer Free eBooks Products
Give new customers a ‘taste’ of your high quality materials by offering a Free Product.  Research shows that more and more educators are searching the internet for free products. This research also states that those same educators are more likely to buy from new publishers when they’ve been given the ability to try resources with no risk.  Find out more about how your can tap into this growing market and draw new customers to your products

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