Google Preview at TecKnoQuest

What is Google Preview?
Google Preview is a component of Google Books that allows a customer to “look inside” a book online prior to purchase. Publishers who have their content registered and indexed in Google Books have full control of which pages a customer can view in Google Preview. Publishers also control how much of the book can be viewed (most publishers set this at twenty percent). Books viewed in Google Preview can not be printed or downloaded.

How does TecKnoQuest use Google Preview?
Every time a customer views a Product Detail page in any of our eStores, we send a “call” to Google with the ISBN data (eBook and physical book ISBNs) for that title. If the book has been registered with Google by the publisher, a Google Preview button appears beneath the cover image. Customers then click on this button and a Google Preview of the book opens in a small (600 x 500) pop-up window.

Are publishers required to use Google Preview when selling with TecKnoQuest?
No. However, effective March 15, 2011 we began phasing out the creation of downloadable PDF samples in our eStores due to the overwhelming popularity of Google Preview. Therefore, as a publisher, if you want to give your customers the opportunity to “look before they buy”, you have two choices: 1) register your content with Google Books; or 2) create PDF samples for your products and submit with your new eBooks.

How do we get started with Google Books/Preview?
Where you start is determined by the number of titles in your collection:

  • If you have fewer than 100 titles in your collection, please click here.
  • If you have 100 or more titles in your collection, please contact:
    • Mark Nelson, Strategic Partner Manager, Google
    • 650-253-3411

For further information please contact us at:

Phone: (970) 835-4460
Toll Free: 1-866-933-1786

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