New Releases in February

Look what’s new from our publishers.

Carson Dellosa Publishing – 36 new titles

Carson Dellosa Publishing just keeps pouring out amazing titles.  This month we saw titles for the current month and then a variety of titles from Math (with a popular series refreshed), Reading and more.  Make sure you check out these new titles from one of your preferred publishers!

Teacher Created Materials – 28 new titles

Teacher Created Materials released a Spanish version of many of the titles they released in English last month.   Be sure to check out these titles jam-packed with illustrations and learning activities.

Teacher Created Resources– 22 new titles

Many great new titles from Teacher Created Resources this past month.  Math, Social, Reader and a few literature guides.  Be sure to check out these and more.

Portage & Main Press – 10 new titles

Portage & Main released a new series call “It’s all about thinking”.  They also released several new non fiction titles that are sure to be a hit with your readers!  Check these titles and more from Portage & Main.

Kagan Publishing – 9 new titles

Kagan Publishing is well known for there bright and cheerful graphics which make learning fun for teachers and students.  Yet that’s not all, each of their titles is jam packed with comprehensive learning activities and lessons that will help your students excel!  Be sure to check these new additions about also all their other top quality learning resources.

Shell Education – 5 new titles

Shell Education only released a few titles but what amazing titles they are.  They added 5 new additions to their Great Works Literature guid series.  Be sure to check these out and add them to your literature guide library.

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!