New Publisher: China Publishing House

CPH LogoWe are excited to welcome China Publishing House to our family of publishers here at TecKnoQuest, LLC.

China Publishing House specializes on books that help a learner of the Chinese language learn the modern Chinese language quickly and effectively. Our present series of  books on learning the Chinese language are the only series of its kind that enables a learner of Chinese language learn the language effectively as well as learn the Chinese culture, philosophy, way of thinking and living at the same time. For the contents of our books, we select some Chinese classics that are very popular with the Chinese students in the past and in present-day China, translate them carefully, and display clearly every Chinese character in the classics with its translation and its pinyin pronunciations. The classics we selected are often used by the Chinese people to educate their children.

CPH Products

China Publishing House is offering an introductory price for ALL their products for a limited time, giving a 15% discount off the retail price.  Retailers, be sure to check out their products and tell your customers about the discount.