New Products for February 2016


Lots of new products for the month of February 2016.  Plus in the mix, two new publishers were added to our publisher family as well as many new titles are series.

Teacher Created Resources – 34 new titles

Teacher Created Resources released three new series in February.  The first being a new novel guide series called, Rigorous Reading, in-depth guides for Great Literature. Launching this new series with 6 titles for award winning titles such as, The Giver, Holes, Charolette’s Web and more.  Next, two more series such as Stepping into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for grades 3-6) and Using Paired Novels to Build Close Reading Skills (for grades 4-8).  See these and more from Teacher Created Resources.


S&S Learning – 36 new titles

S&S Learning specializes in quality resources for Canadian students and teachers. Students will learn about politics and branches of government, Canadian currency, Language ArtsWeekly Stories and basic skills.  Be sure to check out all their new titles!


Edcon Publishing Group – 24 new titles

Edson added two new series to their collection of educational resources.  Zim’s World Of Reading series is designed to help students grades PK-5 to prepare for learning or advance their learning with topics such as, reading, critical thinking, creating stories and much more. The Learning with Literature series is designed to build skills in students grades PK-5 by promoting readiness for reading, writing, and math, through classic children’s stories.

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Shell Education – 14 new titles

The long anticipated series, Summer Blast by Shell Education has arrived.  This series is designed to aid students in grades PK-5 to retain what they’ve learned and prepare them for the coming year during summer break.  They’ve also brought the TIME For Kids: Practicing for Today’s Tests Mathematics which helps students grades 2-6 prepare for today’s math tests.  Shell also released several teacher guides in topics of math, writing and social studies.


Charlesbridge Publishing – 10 new titles

Charlesbridge is well-known for their high quality and engaging story books for students of all ages.  In February they released 8 new titles, from non-fiction for all ages to informative topical studies such as breathing, chickpeas and animals.  Be sure to check out these new titles from one of our top-selling publishers.

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MLG Publishing – 8 new titles

MLG Publishing is one of our new publishers added this past month.  From England, MLG resources are highly visual and tactile, sometimes slightly quirky, and ideally suited to active and lively multi-sensory approaches.

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Teachers Korner – 8 new titles

Teachers Korner is another new publisher to join our family.  They have developed resources to assist teacher working with Common Core Math standards.  With resources developed for special events through the calendar year.  Be sure to check out these new resources from Teachers Korner.

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Gallapade International – 2 new titles

Gallapade released two new titles in February.  Columbia Lastname: First Girl Colonist on Mars & The Missing Mask Mystery.  Both non-fiction titles geared for students grades 3-6.

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Lorenz Publishing – 1 new title

Lorenz Publishing released a great title in February titled Rich Brain, Poor Brain. What does it mean to be a wealthy, or “rich,” school? What makes a school “poor”? Is it only about money? Rich Brain, Poor Brain explores the differences that separate students’ opportunities for success.
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