New Products-August 2016


Summer of 2016 brought some extreme heats for us here in the west.  Our publishers have been staying cool inside by developing many new products that will be essential teaching resources for you in your classroom.

Teacher Created Resources – 62 new titles

Teacher Created Resource is one of our most popular publishers.  In August they released a wide variety of series such as,  Project-Based Writing series, Instant Math Practice series, Formative Assessment series, Non Fiction Writing series and more.  They’ve also added a large selection of topical titles for Fall and Winter and many new spanish version titles.  Be sure to have a look at these amazing new resources for your classroom.tcr

Gallopade International   – 57 new titles

Gallopade is well known for their high quality educational resources that provide new insights and knowledge.  In August, they released some fun non-fiction titles such as, ‘Wild Things in the Classroom’, provides a fun and entertaining lesson on good behavior in the classroom.  Then some current topic studies such as the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, government and historical titles and a full range of State Photo packs.  Be sure to check out these new titles and bring some new excitement to your lesson times.


Charlesbridge Publishing – 14 new titles

Charlesbridge Publishing is trusted source by teachers around the world.  With learning resources such as non-fiction titles to meet every readying level, as well is titles geared to help teachers reach their students learning needs in bright colorful ways.  Though the olympics have come and gone, it’s still fresh on our minds.  Ever wonder what it is that makes Michael Phelps so good at swimming?  You and you student can have an in-depth look at cutting-edge science in high-performance sports!  Take a look at these new titles and explore some new fun ways to learn.

charlesbridge – 5 new titles

Teach literature, grammar, style, and proofreading all at the same time! Grammardog Guides are a unique form of literary analysis, including exercises regarding grammar, proofreading, figurative language, sensory imagery, poetic devices, allusions, and style analysis passages.  Be sure to check out these new titles and see how they can help your students with their grammar skills!grammardog

Shell Education – 1 new title

Shell may have released only one new title this past month, but it’s packed with great writing lessons for students in the upper grades.  Shell turned to the industry experts for assistance in answering some common questions, what should they write about? To whom are they writing? How do they make the text say exactly what they want it to say? And perhaps the most important decision of all—when they get stuck, to whom should they turn for advice? The writers and editors at TIME Magazine face these same questions every day. And they know how important it is to have an easy-to-use resource that provides no-nonsense answers to writing questions the moment they arise. The Writer’s Notebook is just such a resource.  Be sure to check out this amazing resource for your students today!


Check out these titles now available in the warehouse and your product feeds.