Publishers: Earn higher percentages on your products!

Earn up to 70% on each purchase of your products.  Offer your products to customers coming directly to you! 

As a publisher we know you are always looking for opportunities to sell more of your products and to maximize your margin on each sale. We have made changes to our system that we believe may provide the opportunity to meet both goals.

Our eBookDestination environment was designed to allow an inexpensive entrance to an online store.   Because of the changes made to the system, you can now participate in this process with no starting costs and receive an additional percentage of each sale. As you know, as a publisher you receive 50% of the retail price you set for each of your products sold. If you choose to open an eBookDestination store you would receive an additional percentage of each sale, based on the store package you choose. The basic package, which requires no startup or yearly fees, returns 5% of each sale. You are welcome to read more about eBookDestination and review the available packages at:

eStore Options for Publishers

We would also be happy to talk to you more about these options please email us at or call us at 866-933-1786 with your questions.

We want you to know that we consider it a privilege to carry your products in our store and are constantly looking for ways to grow our collective business. We always welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions how we can accomplish this goal together. Please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way.

Thank you,

The TecKnoQuest team.