Black Friday Sale Opportunity – November 2016



Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale:

The largest shopping day of the year is right around the corner. Customers will wait all year to purchase on this day. Buying gifts for Christmas but even things for themselves. This includes teachers & educators.

Last year we were excited about the many publishers who participated in our sale, some discounting their products up to 75% off, making this one of our most successful sales of the year!

We would love to spotlight your products on this BIG shopping weekend! If you would like to participate in this sale by discounting your products, please contact us at [publishers @]

Details on a Publisher sponsored sale:

1. Discounts are set by the publisher, is applied directly to the retail price (as set by you). This provides the following beneficial features

• Sale is system wide – this means that your discounted price is available to ALL resellers within our system, therefore providing even more opportunity of exposure and sales.

• Discount price is shared between publisher and TecKnoQuest, LLC. – what does this mean? This is the biggest advantage to this level of sale. Publishers can choose a much larger discount without obsorbing 100% of that discount. Since the discount is applied to the retail price the publishers percentages are taken from that price, allowing the discount to be obsorbed by both parties.

For more details please email us at: publishers @