ABDO products – no longer available


Attention All Resellers:

ABDO Publishing Company products will no longer be available in our warehouse after November 30, 2015*.

Warehouse Client Resellers:

Watch your data feeds. If you are selling ABDO products in your eStores, please be sure to update our feeds by December 1, 2015 so that your product listings will be correct. All customers purchasing ABDO products from your eStore after that date will be denied download access. Customers will be able to download all purchases until November 30th.

eBookDestination & Enhanced eStore Resellers:

ABDO products will be automatically removed from your eStore inventory. Please be sure to remove any ABDO products listed on your business websites or inventory lists.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us.


We are sorry to see ABDO leave our publishing family, however, we understand that sometimes a shift in focus is needed.  We wish them much success moving forward.

*this has been requested by the publisher and is within their rights to do so.