Security Features/Information

TecKnoQuest is committed to ensuring the safe and secure distribution of the digital goods sold through all of our channels. In order to protect the copyright of the digital products available our eStores, TecKnoQuest has incorporated several security features to maintain the integrity of its e-commerce system.

With respect to the illegal distribution of Publisher materials, TecKnoQuest utilizes solid security measures to protect copyright infringement of all of digital products sold through its multiple eStores.

First and foremost, all PDF files sold through the TecKnoQuest eStores are locked, thus disabling the ability of users to “copy and paste” text or graphics out of the eBooks. (The only exception to this is when publishers choose to sell their products as “enhanced” eBooks – one of the features of which is that the PDF is unlocked.)

Secondly, all of the digital files available for sale through the TecKnoQuest eStores are traceable. TecKnoQuest has the ability to inspect all files sold and easily identify when and by whom they were purchased. With this information, TecKnoQuest is able to determine the origins of any illegally distributed files. This information, including all of the relevant personal data of the original purchaser, would be provided to the publisher who would then have the option to enforce their copyright.

While other methods of protecting files have been released and continue to gain market share, we are confident in the security measures we have put into place, and we have rarely had to help publishers enforce their copyrights. While no current system is completely secure, we are confident that our measures deliver the security you need without detracting from the user experience.

TecKnoQuest continues to monitor developments and improvements in the area of Digital Rights Management (DRM) with the specific goal of protecting publishers’ content while providing a pleasurable shopping experience for all customers.

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