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If you aren’t selling your own eBooks off of your website right now, TecKnoQuest can help. Just use the guide below to line up the features and price point you want, then contact us toll-free at 1-866-330-8818 to start profiting from digital sales today!

Option A: Link to
Cost: Free
Return: 45% of full retail (for your own books)

Many publishers have increased their revenue by linking directly to their products on our flagship eStore, Using customized links, you can send your customers right to a product detail page, where they can purchase and download your products instantly. You still receive 45% of full retail, and your customers have the piece of mind that comes from buying from a trusted third party.

Option B: Become a reseller with
Cost: $349.99/year
Return: 65% of full retail on your own products; 20% of full retail on all other publishers’ products.

Never lose another customer! With, you get a fully featured and branded eStore of your own, allowing you to easily profit from selling not only your own eBooks, but from selling over 50,000 other products from more than 240 other publishers.

With, you link customers from your homepage directly to the product pages in your eStore. Customers then purchase the products they want, from you as well as other publishers, and you receive 20% of full retail on everything you sell, in addition to the 45% you earn as a publisher, when one of your own titles is sold. TecKnoQuest handles all payments, maintenance and customer service, while you have access to a full suite of real-time reports.

To view an example of a publisher linking to their own estore, click on any of the product links at:

Marco Products

Option C: Get your own custom eStore
Cost: $350/month + start up fee and SSL certificate
Return: 75% of full retail on your own products; plus 30% of full retail on all other publishers’ products.

Looking for a turn-key solution that gives you a higher return and more branding options than our entry-level option? Get an Enhanced eStore from TecKnoQuest instead! For a low monthly rate, you can enjoy a custom eStore that carries your own URL, color scheme, header graphic and banner graphic. Your products are also the top results shown when customers search the eStore, and they are always featured products.

To view examples of publishers’ own Enhanced eStores, please visit:

On The Mark Press eStore

BMI Educational Services

Option D: Use the TecKnoQuest Digital Warehouse as a fulfillment system on your own website
Cost: $1495 one time start up fee
Return: 90% of full retail on all of your digital products.

If your website already has shopping cart technology with real-time credit card processing, you might be able to use our digital warehouse to sell eBooks directly off of your own site. Please contact us to find out if this solution would work for you. To view an example of a publisher using the Digital Warehouse as a fulfillment mechanism, please see the digital products listed at:

Carson-Dellosa Publishing

For more information about increasing your sales with TecKnoQuest, please contact us at:

Phone: (970) 835-4460
Toll Free: 1-866-933-1786

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