Digital File Formats

What digital file formats does TecKnoQuest sell?

Simply put, if it is digital, we can sell it. While our collection is predominantly PDF files, we also sell a variety of other digital file types including ePub, audio/MP3 files, downloadable software, SMART board files, etc.

What is an Enhanced eBook?

Enhanced eBooks are unlocked PDFs, which allow users to copy and paste text and certain images. Some publishers also enable the use of the Typewriter Tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader in their enhanced eBooks. Offering both regular and enhanced eBooks is an easy way to increase your revenue as a publisher.

What is an Interactive eBook?

An Interactive eBook incorporates features like sounds, music, video, pictures, and other clickable add-ons, giving your students a much more immersive experience. Books that read the text to students, embed videos to explain concepts, or work in tandem with special purpose websites are just a few examples of what Interactive eBooks can offer.

What is an Optimized eBook?

Optimized eBooks are books and materials that are best displayed on Interactive Whiteboards, such as the SMART Board, Mimio Board, Starboard, Polyvision, or Promethean Board. Some files might be PDF files with added space for activities, while others might include several files written in Notebook – SMART’s proprietary software. Product detail pages usually list exactly what kind of optimization each product includes.

What Other File Formats do you Support?

Many of our publishers also include templates, PowerPoint slides, graphics, or other digital files along with the PDF versions of their products. These products, known as “Bundles”, are placed in a ZIP file for customers to download along with the main PDF or ePub.


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