New Products -April 2016


Lots of new products for the month of April 2016.  Plus in the mix, two new publishers were added to our publisher family as well as many new titles are series.

S&S Learning – 134 new titles

S&S Learning added a huge selection of titles this past month.  A wide range of topical titles for their Grammar Lesson Plan and Reading Lesson Plan series.  Then the introduced three new series.  52 Weekly Stories about Canada, EQAQ Math Test Prep and Canadian Daily Language Activities.  Be sure to have a look as each of these new series could be an important part of preparing your studies to move forward.

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Carlex, Inc  – 87 new titles

Our newest publisher Carlex added a large list of titles to their selection of products this past month.  Carlex specializes in teaching aids and resources for foreign languages.  Be sure to have all look at all the new resources available from Carlex and motivate your students to love to learn different languages.

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BarCharts  – 85 new titles

Barcharts Publishing, producer of the industry-leading quick reference study aid QuickStudy, has been helping individuals learn large sums of information in fast, easy, and innovative formats since 1991.  This past month they added a large inventory of titles that will help your students learn about things that they use everyday.  Be sure to check out this QuickStudy resources and see the benefits of using them in your classroom.

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Arbordale Publishing  – 7 new titles

Arbordale specializes in nonfiction titles available in both English and other languages.  Their titles offer topical study while making the process entertaining and engaging.  Be sure to have a look at all the new titles available right now in our eStore.

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Compass Educational Books  – 6 new titles

Compass Educational is well known for their wide range of educational resources.  Resources that will assist you as an educator to keep your students engaged in learning through unique and tried and true methods.  Be sure to check out their new titles, now available in our eStore

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Chalkboard Publishing – 8 new titles

Chalkboard Publishing has been working hard to add new titles to their selection in our eStore.  This past month they added to their new product lineup by offering all in French as well as English.  Be sure to check out these titles now available in our eStore.

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Carson Dellosa Publishing – 8 new titles

Carson Dellosa added two new series to their product selection in our eStore.  Tech Timeout encourages students to turn off the technology and get back to basics! The series features engaging arts and crafts activities, puzzles, games, and physical exercises that children can complete independently or with friends.  100 Grade Skills help child/student build classroom confidence, one skill at a time.  Be sure to check out these products. These two series are great summer curriculum’s for parents.

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Shell Education – 2 new titles

Shell released two new products in April.  Math Games which is Skill based Practice for Second Graders.  Then also, Writing Strategies for Fiction.  Be sure to have a deeper look at these products now available from Shell Education.

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